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Audiobooks Apps are an alternative medium to enjoy a book that has been voice recorded. They have the power of keeping both your eyes and hands-free, giving you the chance of doing something else or, if preferred, to let yourself go plunging into the situations described by the narrator.

The main benefits of audiobook Apps are related to accessibility, space-saving and portability:

1. Accessibility. By just using a smartphone, a tablet or any other compatible device, audiobook Apps give you access to a vast library of titles including, in many cases, both different publication types (like books, magazines, journals, etc.) and different genres.

2. Space-saving. When buying an audiobook, you are purchasing the digital voice-narrated version of a physical book for which you will avoid occupying home space. You will be able to eliminate the bookshelf or to keep it, but to store your favourite life-changing pieces.

3. Portability. It does not matter where you are or where you are heading. Either it is relaxing at the park, cleaning at home, having breakfast, working out, going to the office or travelling by car with the family, audiobook Apps can be your always available good companion, advisor or motivator.


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Time and space saved thanks to the possibility of accessing digitally to your books.

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No direct impact on the physical environment.

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Peace of mind increased thanks to the possibility of having instant access to your books and notes from everywhere.

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No direct impact on home costs.


Audiobook Apps can be classified attaining the length of the recordings:

These are the most common apps. They offer a wide range of genres and, on many occasions, different publication types as well. They will read the full book for you, and some will give you the chance to not just listen to the book, but also, to read it from your device.

These Apps condense the contents of the full version book by going through the main highlighting and takeaways. This type of audiobook Apps, in comparison to the standard ones, usually present a limited offer of titles as they mainly focus on the non-fiction genre.


When selecting an audiobook App, there are some variables that you may want to consider:

While standard audiobooks Apps are suitable for everybody, summary audiobook Apps may be the right solution in case you are more interested in business, personal development, psychology, philosophy, biographies or other in non-fiction topics. They can also be a good option if you want to explore different issues and you want to do it in a limited timeframe for, eventually later, reading or listening to the full version of the (audio)book.

Some audiobook Apps have broadened their offer by integrating other types of publications like newspapers, magazines, audio shows and radio and TV programmes. In case you want to have the most comprehensive choice possible, then consider this variable. 

Although all audiobook Apps use their terminology, the most common genres usually are available on all of them. Download the app for free and explore the different categories to make sure you will feel comfortable when navigating them.

Most probably, you will be able to find the best-sellers across the different audiobook Apps. However, if you are looking for extensive libraries from which to choose and discover new insights, then consider this variable.

This variable refers to the way you listen to the audiobooks: either you download or stream them. Downloading the audiobooks is usually the most comfortable and preferred option so to prevent potential streaming cuts. However, most audiobook apps allow you to choose between the two options.

When selecting an App, look for the tools that can be useful for you while reading. Having the chance to include bookmarks, to create notes, to set a sleeping timer or to modify the reading speed control are some of the features that some Apps include.



Listening to an audiobook is an activity that can be done everywhere as long as your device supports it. In case you prefer streaming your audiobook over a speaker rather than using your headphones, then make sure to be within the communication range of the device.


Take time to familiarise yourself with the app. Understand how notes and bookmarks are added and set the reading sleep control to a pace that it is comfortable for you to follow.


Avoid the exposure to loud sounds and respect the recommended noise levels so to prevent potential hearing problems.


In case you opt for downloading the audiobooks, it is advisable to delete them from your mobile storage once you have finished reading them.

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