• July 29th, 2020

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The story of today brings us to Perth, in Australia. Bronwen, an International Author and Simplicity Expert founder of sheIQLife, shares with us the journey of discovery that brought her to escape the "traditional life" as high award winning executive after experiencing a life changing event.

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My name is Bronwen Sciortino and I am an International Author and Simplicity Expert. I live in Perth, Western Australia and I spend every day teaching people there's a very different way to live. A few years ago, I experienced a traumatic event that forced me to stop and ask the question "What if there's a better way to live?". Everything I learned while recovering from this event taught me that there are simple, easy and practical things we can do every day that empower us to live our lives in a significantly different way. Life can be so simple - when we let it. Life can be so much fun - when we relax into it. Life can be healthy, happy AND highly successful when we learn to live in exactly the way that is right for us.


Was hast du im Leben gesucht?

I wanted life to be easy and I wanted life to be fun. I wanted to be doing all the things that filled my life with love and laughter.

Was hat Sie davon abgehalten, dies zu erreichen?

I didn't believe that it was possible to have all the things I wanted and be successful as well. I believed that you had to choose between being happy and being successful and that success came at the expense of your health.

Welches war der Auslöser für die Veränderung?

I pushed myself too hard for way too long. I went from being an award-winning executive to on the floor, unable to cope in even the basics in life and unable to stop crying. Within minutes, I found myself in my own Armageddon - with my life shattered into a million pieces around me and no way of moving forwards.

Wie war deine Reise? Was haben Sie in die Tat umgesetzt?

I spent two years in intensive therapy - picking up each piece, truly looking at it and then deciding whether it would move forwards with me. I literally rebuilt myself and my life. I learned the importance of self awareness, of self-connection and of self-love. I learned about stress and exhaustion, and the true impact they have in our life. I learned about energy and the importance of appropriately fuelling our energy tanks every day. I learned how to create a simple life that allows me to thrive.

Wie denkst du, wäre dein Leben jetzt, wenn du in die gleiche Richtung gegangen wärst?

I have no doubt that I would have been dead by age 45. I was seriously unwell, completely miserable and completely drained. My life would have been significantly shortened had I continued on the same path.

Wie ist dein Leben heute?

My life is full of the things that are important to me. Every day is set up on a simple platform that empowers me to thrive in a global environment. I work at all hours - but my life supports my health and wellbeing within that. I know who I AM, I know what I need and I make giving myself those things the number 1, non-neogtiable activities that go into every day. I give so much more now than I ever did, but I give it from a significantly different energy level than before.

Was würdest du jemandem sagen, der deine Geschichte liest?

I went to the bottom of the pit - I broke completely. My life now is so very different. I know the formula for leading a happy, healthy AND highly successful life. There is nothing I have now that wasn't easily, readily and affordably available to me before I broke - it's just I was so wrapped up in what I was doing that I didn't take the time to stop and do a few things a little bit differently. We make life complex when simplicity will do. So ask yourself whether you're happy with how you're living your life right now. If the answer is 'No' ... then ask yourself whether you're prepared to do a few things little bit differently to significantly change the trajectory of your life. The choice is always yours.


Welches sind deine Top 3 inspirierenden Bücher?

Welches sind Ihre drei inspirierendsten Filme, Serien oder Dokumentationen?

Transcendence: Live Life Beyond the Ordinary. It shows the significance of harnessing the true power of the mind. I love this documentary series because it really speaks to the rebel within me and encourages stepping outside the noise and the chaos of life and embracing the truth of yourself as an individual.

The Earthing Movie: The Remarkable Science of Grounding. I love this movie because it explained a lot to me about the struggle I was experiencing with the impact of technology (in particular) in my life. This movie helped me to understand the importance of grounding every day so that I can better regulate the stress response and recharge my energy.

The Matrix Series. I love these movies because they are so reflective of life and the journey that most of us take in trying to meld every day life with a spiritual awakening. In general, we're taught that being spiritual is something that takes you outside the mainstream of life, but in fact it is a key pillar to health and life will remain unbalanced until you take steps to bring it into alignment.

Welches sind deine Top 3 Lieblingslieder?

Get Along, by Guy Sebastion. I love the thought that one day we can all live in a world where we can be who we are, let others be who they are and all of us can be more than OK.

Perfect Symphony, by Ed Sheeran (featuring Andrea Bocelli). What a powerhouse combination of voices... such an incredible song and I could listen to these two sing together all day!

Happy, by Pharrell Williams. This song has the ability to literally change your energy. It's one of the few pieces of music out there that can literally change the composition of your blood cells. It makes you dance, it makes you sing and it makes you smile.

Welches ist Ihr inspirierendstes Zitat?

What if they're wrong? I love this questions because it really made me stop and think about who I had been listening to and why. Now, any time I hear the words 'you have to', 'you should' or 'you need to', I immediately ask myself this question. It allows me to stop and really consciously connect with what is right for me. When I make my decisions consciously it is much more likely that I will be walking on my pathway through life.

Erzählen Sie uns von Ihrem Lieblingsbild!

Bild bei Niagra Falls

I’ve chosen this picture from the Niagra Falls because it always inspires me to remember how easily you can be fully empowered yet completely in sync with the world around you. There’s a complete surrender to the empowerment and when I was there it was so easy to simply sit and be mesmerized by the power of the water and the way it seamlessly merged with the nature around it.

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