Living creating a positive impact.


Smart Home Need is a company with social vocation that wants to contribute to increase people well-being and to create a more sustainable world. 


Smart technologies can support us, when used meaningfully, to achieve our well-being goals. Home is the place where we spend most of our time and where most of our human Needs are satisfied.


Human Needs are natural and universal elements, whose satisfaction is required to achieve well-being. This is the first step towards the creation of a more sustainable and healthy society.

Smart Home Need mission is to support people on the achievement of their full potential, through the suggestion of both meaningful habits and smart home technology. Our vision is a world in which people are connected with their needs, increase their well-being and grow healthy, being respectful of the environment.


We live in a fast-paced world, with individualistic approaches not always guaranteeing a sustainable and healthy society development:


- 790.000 deaths in the EU for unhealthy lifestyles.
- 600 Bn€/year costs in the EU for mental health issues.
- 26,7% of GDP in the EU for aging total costs by 2070 (vs. 1,7% in 2016).

We want to increase personal well-being thanks to a greater connection with personal Needs.


- 27% of global management positions to women.
- 8% of the world’s workers still live in extreme poverty.
- 55% of the world's population not covered by social protection.

We want to reduce social and gender inequalities through personal growth and purposeful tech use.


- 12 tons of resources to satisfy a person need (vs. 8,1 in 1990).
- 190 Bn tons of global resource extraction (vs. 92,1 Bn in 2017).
- 140% increase of global demand for renewable resources (vs. 1961).

We want to optimize natural resources consumption through purchases based on real Needs and increased households' energy efficiency.


Smart Home Need was born from the meeting of our co-founders that, motivated by personal experience, had the determination to bring value to the world.


We learned ourselves the importance of a well-being centric lifestyle, that's where our idea came from.

As humans, we were frustrated: our days were passing by, full of stressful commutes, challenging working hours and non-value-added activities, leaving almost no space to what really mattered in life, our own Needs. We felt that the value we were bringing to us and the world was limited. That's when we figured out our way towards a more intentional living, focused on meaningful habits.

At that time, when seeking for products or services to support us in our growth journey, we were overwhelmed by online websites encouraging compulsive and advertisement-driven purchases. We nevertheless believed that technology, when used meaningfully, could have had a positive impact on our lives. Therefore we figured out our own way to leverage on Smart Home technologies to support us in our daily activities.

We brought together all these experiences and gave them a new meaning launching Smart Home Need. We hope that this project can also be a source of inspiration and faith for all those people that today, for whatever reason, are facing personal challenges and striving for human growth.


We invest our time to challenge our thoughts, to create contents and to share our way of thinking and approaching life.



We listen and consider diversity a source of human enrichment.



We believe that everyone can provide & must have access to value.



We are curious and engaged in creating valuable solutions.



We care about people and do our best to support them.

Smart Home Need is an independent organisation. This means that we do not have any interest relationship with brands or manufacturers and that we do not receive any kind of compensation (neither economic nor material) for listing specific products on our website. The products are objectively shortlisted and we may receive small commissions, at no additional cost for our users and visitors, only when these complete a referred purchase at retailers websites.

Smart Home Need is accredited and part of the ESGmark® community. ESGmark® is a symbol of trust and distinction, which allows consumers to identify organisations who believe in and act to deliver a fairer, more sustainable future.

Smart Home Need donates part of the revenue generated through the different products and services to foundations and non-profit organisations that improves the quality of life of people through social housing and educational initiatives.

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