Learn to connect with your inner self, learn to lead your life.


Work from home efficiently and effectively to improve your professional, personal and social well-being. Learn why work is a basic need, relevant not only for maintenance but also for quality of life. Intervene on it to enhance your productivity, reduce non-value-added activities and ensure greater agility in approaches and relationships.

Work-life balance


Sleep at your best to operate effectively and avoid the risk of health disorders. Learn why sleep is vital for your body, especially for your brain. Intervene tackling all possible roadblocks and providing your body with enough restorative sleep: focus on deep and REM sleep stages to optimize your physical and mental performance.

Energy and strength
Focus and creativity
Immune response


Live sustainably to ensure that your actions of today do not inhibit the opportunities of generations of tomorrow. Learn why sustainability is crucial for environmental conservation, social responsibility, and economic well-being. Intervene by transforming the place you live into an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient home.

Environmental impact
Resources efficiency
Cost savings


Feel safe and secure to improve the quality of your life and reduce your stress levels. Learn why safety and security are an evolutionary need, and how do they differ from one another. Intervene by-design, or through suitable fixtures, on surveillance, hazard prevention and ambient assisted living to prevent injuries and reduce crimes at home.

Peace of mind
Issues prevention
Cost avoidance

Smart Home Need is accredited and part of the ESGmark® community. ESGmark® is a symbol of trust and distinction, which allows consumers to identify organisations who believe in and act to deliver a fairer, more sustainable future.

Smart Home Need donates part of the revenue generated through the different products and services to foundations and non-profit organisations that improves the quality of life of people through social housing and educational initiatives.

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