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Determinants of Well-being
Determinants of Well-being Have you ever thought about which are the different factors that influence your level of health? These are the determinants of well-being! Depending on the need that you want to satisfy, you will intervene on a specific or, like in most cases, a sequence of them. Buy meaningfully!

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Hub Type
Hub Type A Hub is a product that connects the different smart products in a home, allowing you to create home automations and control all devices from remote. Dedicated Hubs follow only that purpose! Non-Dedicated Hubs, like smart speakers, pursue other main purposes (like playing music with a high-quality sound) but can also automate your home!

Built-in Digital Assistants
Built-in Digital Assistants Apart from smart speakers, there are other objects that integrate a Digital Assistant and that are able to talk! Ask them what you want and they will make their best to satisfy your requests.

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  • Headspace
    Meditation Apps


  • Calm
    Meditation Apps


  • Sleep_Number_360_iLE_(Queen_size)
  • ReST_bed_(Queen_size)
  • Deep_Sleep_Sound
    White Noise Apps

    Deep Sleep Sound

  • myNoise
    White Noise Apps


  • Sleeptot
    White Noise Apps


  • SnoreLab
    Snoring Apps


  • Snore_Control_Pro
    Snoring Apps

    Snore Control Pro

  • Dreampad_Medium
  • Sleep_Cycle-_smart alarm_clock
    Sleep Tracking Apps

    Sleep Cycle: smart alarm clock

  • Sleep_Time+_Cycle_Alarm_Timer
    Sleep Tracking Apps

    Sleep Time+ Cycle Alarm Timer

  • Neybox_Pillow_Automatic_Sleep_Tracker
  • Parents2ParentsApps_Sound_Sleeper
  • Baby_Shusher
    Baby Sleep Apps

    Baby Shusher

  • Fox_&_Sheep_Nighty_Night!
    Baby Sleep Apps

    Fox & Sheep Nighty Night!

  • SmarTap_Smart_Shower System_with_White_Dual_Controller
  • Dyson_Pure_Hot+Cool_HP04
  • Dyson_Pure_Cool_TP04
    Air Purifiers

    Dyson Pure Cool TP04

  • Blueair_Classic_680i
    Air Purifiers

    Blueair Classic 680i

  • Vocolinc PureFlow Smart Air Purifier
  • PUR_Bluetooth®_Ultimate_Faucet_Filtration_System
  • Dyson_Pure_Hot+Cool Link_HP02
  • Vocolinc_FlowerBud_Smart_Diffuser
  • Blueair_Classic_480i
    Air Purifiers

    Blueair Classic 480i

  • REM-Fit_ZEEQ_Smart_Pillow
  • Eve_Room_2
    Air Quality Monitors

    Eve Room

  • Netatmo_Smart_Indoor_Air_Quality_Monitor
  • Dyson_Pure_Cool_DP04
    Air Purifiers

    Dyson Pure Cool DP04

  • Winix_Tower_Q
    Air Purifiers

    Winix Tower Q

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