• March 1st, 2020

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Our answer is yes, smart home is for everyone.

  • Why is smart home for everyone?

    Five main reasons make us say that: 

    1. Offer. Every day new applications and products are launched to the market, meaning that there is a vast diversity of products and services ready to satisfy most lifestyles and needs. 

    2. Price. Smart homes were in the past seen as a luxury, but it is not exactly like that. As a consequence of the high competition between well-established brands and the appearance of fast and innovative start-ups, the offer has increased, leading to a decrease in prices. 

    3. Ease of installation. Most of the solutions are plug & play, and only a few of them require electrical and electronic skills. In the "worst" case, the involvement of a specialised installer can be necessary. 

    4. Ease of use. Once the solutions are installed, you can control them using your mobile phone or, if you count on a voice assistant, directly with your voice. 

    5. Ease of maintenance. Most items can be updated wirelessly, and every day more of them provide information about the need for handling the maintenance, notifying us about problems before they become irreversible.

  • Why are not so many people into the smart home?

    Although the adoption is rapidly accelerating, we consider that technology adoption at home has been slow due to three main reasons: 

    1. Lack of awareness about the smart home potential in our lives. The adoption of technology in our homes does not just give us more control over our lifestyles, but it helps improve our health and create a positive impact on the environment. 

    2. Complexity. The diversity of devices, communication protocols and operating systems that are available in the market makes the smart home a time consuming and uneasy digestible argument. We advise you to read our starting guide

    3. Concerns about privacy, safety and security. Several measures are worth considering, but the fact is that with the right smart security systems and sensors, we will be more aware of what happens at home than ever before. In the end, the risk of an undesired event is always present: its' cost is relative to what is damaged, and the fear is subjective to each of us. 

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