• February 28th, 2020

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After about one year of the launch of the Wi-Fi EasyMesh™ programme, the Wi-Fi Alliance® adds new functionalities to Wi-Fi CERTIFIED EasyMesh™ to enhance the user experience of consumers and the intervention capabilities of operators.

Which is the base problem being faced?

The transition to smart home is bringing more and more connected devices and streaming services into our domestic environments. Most of these new items rely on Wi-Fi as their means of connection. That's why current Wi-Fi network coverage and performances have been put under pressure: existing limitations often prevent customers from using their broadband services, resulting then in lower satisfaction, higher churn rates and lots of troubleshooting calls. Usual countermeasures to those issues are, for example, the setup of Wi-Fi extenders, which can bridge some coverage holes in the home but result in lower performance levels, or the deployment of multiple Wi-Fi access points (APs), which anyways need to be properly configured using non-overlapping channels. Furthermore, many multi-AP systems are composed of hardware and software provided by a single vendor, representing for the customer a single source and off-the shelf solution which nevertheless push them towards a locked-in system.

How does the Wi-Fi Certified EasyMesh™ help?

The Wi-Fi Alliance worked to solve those issues introducing a solution to standardize the interface between a controller and the different APs: the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED EasyMesh. Multi-AP systems that support Wi-Fi EasyMesh interoperate, this means that certified multi-AP controllers or agents of different vendors will work together smoothly providing the user with the freedom to select his/ her best customised products combination. Wi-Fi Easy Mesh provides a standard-based approach and employs multiple APs that work together to form a unified network: it combines an easy to use and self-adapting Wi-Fi with a flexible design, easy setup and enhanced network intelligence.

Which are the new functionalities available now?

According to the Wi-Fi Alliance, the newly introduced features of the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Easy Mesh include: 

1. Data traffic separation, to ensure secure separation of private household Wi-Fi and shared guest Wi-Fi. 

2. Enhanced client steering, to improve roaming when moving from one Wi-Fi APs to another within the house. 

3. Coordinated channel availability, to optimize the use of the available Dynamic Frequency Selection channels and to reduce network disruptions. 

4. Diagnostic support, to deliver network analytics and performance indicators to service providers for the improvement of device management.

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