• November 2nd, 2020

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The story of today brings us to Barcelona, in Catalonia. Mireia, a Life Coach and former Professional Athlete, shares with us the drawback that experienced at an early-age holding her back from a promising career in the world of sports, and the journey of discipline and personal growth that she has followed to control her mind, control her emotions and become the owner of her own life. A source of real inspiration and motivation.

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Hi, I am Mireia Miró. I have been a professional athlete winning ski mountaineering world championships and world cups, as well as achieving top results in International Trail running races. At some point in my carreer I got a chronic injury, and my whole world came down for several years. Since then, I became interested on how we create reality, how does our mind work and which are the secrets of living a more fulfilled life. Today, I am a life coach and I help people to be happier, to understand themselves better and to reach their goals in any area of their life (career, lifestyle, relationships, and more).


What were you looking for in life?

I wanted to understand which is the secret to live a fulfilled live, and at the same time be able to reach your goals. There are many people owning so few but being so happy, and many others owning so much but feeling so empty. Therefore, possessions and achievements by themselves must not be everything. That's why on one side I wanted to understand how to live a fulfilled life, and on the other, I wanted to learn how to create and design my own life. This implies taking responsibility for yourself.

What was stopping you from achieving it?

I got injured very young, when I was starting to be at the top of my sports career. I had many years in front of me, with the possibility to do something really great in my athletic discipline. At that time, I wasn't understanding why that was happening to me, and I started to feel so much frustration that my mind couldn't hold it. Even after I stopped, in the following years I still tried to compete again and again, but it was impossible. I was having pain everyday, and as my mind was debilitating also my body was. I started to develop severe gut problems, on top of my physical pain, and to feel a deep lack of confidence.

Which was the trigger for the change?

One day I woke up and I asked really honestly to God, or whoever is out there: "What am I doing here? If you don't give me more insights and clues I cannot understand."
I had been on that situation for more than four years, I didn't understand why I wasn't able to recover from my injuries and I wasn't understanding the lesson behind all of that. During all that time, I was feeling not in my place. I wasn't understanding what was the purpose of life and what I was doing here. I was kind of into a hole that I wasn't able to escape.

How was your journey? What did you put in action?

After asking myself that question, some new insights started to came to me. I met two people that have been dedicated for more than 20 years to their spiritual growth from a quantum physics perspective. They explained me some great concepts, and I saw a spark there. I started reading, learning, making research and experiencing all what I was learning. Understanding how the mind works and how do we create our lives. I stumbled upon an author that has become one of my main mentors and make a big breakthrough on my journey, offering a method that has then worked so well for me and has offered also a big understanding of where I was. His name is Dr Joe Dispenza, and I would recommend to everyone to start by his book "Breaking the Habit of being yourself", as it is the base of his teachings. Since then, lots of work on myself and a whole new story!

How do you think your life would be now if you had continued in the same direction?

Well, it couldn't continue in the same direction. I was feeling so stuck, unhappy and unfulfilled. I was feeling so uncomfortable in my own life that I couldn't imagine how to continue on the same direction for a long time. I think that it was a necessary thing for me to wake up, to start listening to my heart and start doing much more accordingly, to start living in much more flow with life. To learn how to be the master of my own life, because even if the journey has ups and downs and challenges, there is no better reward than being the captain of your own vessel.

How is your life today?

My life has changed so much, and is still changing. I have recovered from my injuries (physical injuries and gut problems) "only" by working on myself. I have a job that fulfils me, I feel that I am where I have to be and I am starting to gain understanding over my circumstances and challenges, and even to accept them as part of the journey and a necessary step to bring me where I am today. I have awesome friends with whom I can share my growth journey and have deep and direct conversations about everything. I work everyday on myself and my beliefs, to understand my behaviours better, as well as my pattern of thoughts, decoding deeper my mind. I am less judgemental, and in some way, I feel that "I'm on the right place and the right track".

What would you say to someone reading your story?

I would say that if you don't feel to be in the place you want to be, then seek it. You can have the life you want. Will you have to make some changes? Yes. Will it be always easy? No. Will it imply effort from your side? Yes. But today, there are many sciences (as quantum physics, epigenetics and metaphysics) with authors able to explain them on a simple way, so that we all can understand how we create our reality, and especially that we have a choice. Stay as we are or become the person that we want to be?


Which are your top 3 inspiring books?

Which are your top 3 inspiring movies, series or documentaries?

Interstellar. I saw the film recently but loved the concept they presented and how they were able to represent it.

Divergent. I like the story of this film: a society divided into factions according to the character trait that identifies them more. Within the society there are those who do not fit (abandoned) and the divergent ones, those that present several characteristics of different factions and that are persecuted.

The Mentalist. This is a very entertaining series and I really like how all the characters fit together. The main actor knows how to read people very well and at the same time has a funny touch.

Which are your top 3 favourite songs?

I like the following three songs because of their great messages!

Higher Love, by Kygo & Whitney Houston.

Fire in My Soul, by Oliver Heldens.

One Heart, by R.I.O.

Which is your most inspiring quote?

Master your mind, master your life, by Unknown. I love this quote because it only depends of you. Are you riding your mind or your mind is (over)riding you? How you master your mind determine how you master your life.

Tell us about your own favourite picture!


I like this photo because it symbolises one of the biggest changes that the lock-down and starting to home-work 100% has brought me. After living in Barcelona for the last two years, now I’ve been able to return to the Pyrenees. The views you see in the picture is what I can enjoy every time I step out of home: I'm super grateful!

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