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White noise Apps are mobile applications that make it easier for us to concentrate, focus, relax or sleep. In simple words, we can consider it as a constant background noise merging all the frequency ranges that humans are capable of perceiving and able to drown all other sounds that might disturb. The term "white" has been associated with this type of noise because of its conceptual similarity with the white light: a combination of sounds as a combination of all colours of the visible light spectrum.

White noise has become essential in today's loud world, where concentration is more and more difficult. Offices can be either too noisy or too quiet. Home activities can create an excellent distraction for children when studying. Sleeping can become almost impossible due to all the surrounding noises.

Common examples of white noise are the sound of a waterfall, a fan, an untuned TV channel. Besides those sources, there is also the chance to simulate white noise via dedicated machines or Apps. In particular, Apps can be easily downloaded, can follow you wherever you go and can provide you with a wide variety of white noises.


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Time saved thanks to an enhanced concentration, focus, relax and sleep from wherever you are, avoiding displacements and just with the support of a pair of headphones.

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Quality of life improved thanks to the elimination of disturbing noises.

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Peace of mind increased through a reduction in the stress and concern level.

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No direct impact on home costs.


To simulate white noise through Apps, you can use either dedicated Apps or Apps that pursue a broader goal like, for example, improving your sleep. Let's see the main characteristics of these two types of Apps:

These Apps are specialised on the white noise topic, therefore generally providing a wider variety of sounds to help you in different situations. This means that you can count on these Apps to increase your focus at work, to reach a deeper level of relaxation at home, to facilitate a deeper sleep, and much more. Some of these Apps also allow the users to track the calmness, concentration, or meditation level, while others feature the option of creating your personalised background noises by mixing and blending the available ones. In addition to that, some of these Apps feature different coloured themes and background noises.

These Apps have their purpose, with white noise playing an addendum value. Sleep tracking or meditation Apps are just two examples of these.


The following variables are worth considering while considering the purchase of any white noise App:

Each App features a different size and variety of sounds library. Sounds categories are generally based on occasion (sleeping, concentration, meditation and so on), origin (natural sounds like sea waves or rainfall, machinery sounds like a hairdryer or vacuum cleaner, ambient noises like people chatting or crackling campfire) or colour spectrum (red, grey, pink, violet, brown and more). A broader sounds library can allow you to find what fits best your preferences. For example, considering the sleep, pure white noise can be perceived too harsh for some people, who instead prefer pink noise to improve deep sleep and memory. White noise is generally preferred by sleepers accustomed to intense noise or wanting to get rid of extremely loud neighbourhood noises.

This feature allows you to mix different white noise sounds to produce a sound that appeals to your auditory experience. For example, 'noise sweep' is one of the techniques of combining sounds, enabling you to mix a pure white noise sound with another soothing sound (pink noise, brown noise, etc.) to create your desired noise.

Some of the white noise Apps feature sounds playing in seamless loops with the possibility to even adjust the loop time as per your needs.

Some of the white noise Apps let the sounds fade out towards the end to play the next one in a smooth transition aiding to drift into a deep sleep.

Some of the white noise Apps provide you with the option of playing the sound in the background while working on your smart device. It is not necessary to keep the App open for the soothing sounds to play.



Where you place the device on which runs your white noise App matters. Keeping the device close to you can backfire due to its potential source of distraction. At the time of going to bed, you may prefer playing the white noise through a speaker keeping your smart device away from your reach.


It is essential to be aware of the different range of noise sounds to use them to fit the required purpose.  For instance, pink noise has a lower frequency than a pure white noise hence it is more soothing and preferable to be used for sleep; brown noise instead, having a frequency lower than the pink noise, is a bit rough like a deep roar of thunder and is more effective for focusing or relaxing. It is also generally significant to never set the white noise volume too loud to avoid potential damage to your (or your baby's) hearing ability.


Some people tend to relax or work with high-frequency white noises like the untuned TV channel while others prefer the soothing sound of rainfall. Some people work better in a coffee shop noise environment while some prefer the consistent noise of the wind blowing or the leaves swishing. Hence, your habits determine the kind of white noise that you choose.


Always keep your App updated with the latest version. In case of subscription, set a reminder before the automatic renewal date so to proceed with it consciously.

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