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Snoring apps are mobile applications that are developed for people to understand their snoring condition and help them seek possible solutions. The ultimate goal of the app is to help customers get a better sleeping experience.

These applications are designed for a person to record their snoring sessions, listen to them, and track their snoring behaviours. Why do you have to do these things? If you are not aware that you have a snoring condition, you may have to hear it for yourself to understand that you need to do something about it. You will also be able to recognise how severe your condition is.

Snoring is not severe on its own; it can simply be defined as a person's noisy breathing while they sleep. It happens whenever an obstructed or narrow airway disrupts regular airflow. These obstructions cause audible vibrations in the soft tissue at the back of your mouth, the base of the tongue, and throat. Similarly, it can be caused by nose congestion, like when you catch a cold and create popping sounds or whistling sounds.

Though a combination of several things can cause snoring, the factors can vary from person to person. It is said that people are more likely to suffer from snoring if they can meet one or more of the following criteria:

- Male

- Older in age

- Smoke cigarettes

- Drink alcohol

- Sleep with their mouths open

- Have sinus congestion or nasal congestion

- Overweight, with more fat toward the neck

- Sleep on their back

- Have weaker mouth muscles

- Have smaller nostrils

- Have enlarged tonsils, uvula, tongue, and soft palate

- Have a recessed jaw

One thing you should take note of is that snoring can also lead to a medical condition like sleep apnea, or other underlying health concern if this is kept untreated. This is why an excellent snoring app that can help you in diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring is of the essence.


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It might not seem like it is of the essence, but every person must be aware if they snore. This is why using a snoring app is excellent to see whether or not you snore when unconscious. Though they are not considered medical devices, snoring apps can be a great tool to help your trusted medical specialists identify the root cause of this behaviour. There are two main groups of snoring apps:

Sleep trackers are made as a response to the demand for sleep tracking and relaxation. These are prepared for people to become aware of their sleeping habits and how many hours they sleep daily.

These apps also bring attention to snoring, as well as sleeping unease like moving around a lot in bed. Most sleep applications use actigraphy, which is a technology that is used for tracking movements. It also studies the various phases of sleep and periods when you are uneasy, and your muscles are inhibited.

There are also sleeping apps that take into account other factors like your mood, alcohol consumption, dream journaling, and caffeine consumption. All of these things can aid in evaluating your sleep quality and help identify the variables you need to improve for better sleep.

Snoring analyser applications are software that can be found in mobile devices, which are specifically created and designed to capture the sounds that a person's breath produces while they are sleeping.

The snoring app records the sounds, gathers data, monitors the sleeping cycle, and measures the snoring volume as well as the total snoring duration of its user. It can offer different types of functions depending on what kind of app it is and the goals of its developer.

Each snoring app uses a specific method to recognise your snoring issue, inform the user, and let them address this matter. For example, a snoring detection app may choose to record sleep and list all types of possible reasons why.


Other apps may also offer snore level ratings and highlight the potential risks for your health. The great thing about snoring apps is that there are numerous snoring detector apps both for Android users and Apple users.


Before you get a snoring app, you should check out their features and analyse those that are important to you. This is dependent on which operating system your app works on, both there is a wide range available for your preferences. Here is an essential list of features that you may want to consider for your snoring app:

You cannot monitor sleep on your own and bothering a bed partner can be too much, even if you have one. Doing a sleep test might be a little stressful. The best option for you would be getting a snore recorder.

Most snoring apps filter things out depending on the sleep stage in your sleep cycle. Some apps turn on during the night to record short clips or samples, while other paid apps offer to record for the entire night.

These apps also store your recordings in your profile which you can choose to export for safekeeping or your medical records. On the app's area where you can view your sessions, you can choose to get a copy of the audio file to be sent to the email address. You can also export data to an SD card or transfer them to other devices.

A great thing about these apps is that it can generate reports that you can present to your doctor. First, it comes with a database that talks about possible factors that contribute to this sleep problem. Also, most snoring apps can suggest solutions and remedies that you can try at home.

You can also track the impact of their effectivity. For instance, you decide to quit drinking alcohol, or you have invested in a mouthpiece, you can track how your sleeping habits change, and if it has improved.

There are snoring apps that are equipped to nudge you if the intensity of your snoring becomes too much. A nudge is usually accomplished through short pulsing vibrations, but some apps come with options and customisations depending on what would be sufficient for you.

Some snoring apps also come with a sound library where you can take your pick among different sounds to help you fall asleep much faster. It can be sounds from nature, like rainfall, sea waves, bird sounds, and similar sounds. It can also be basic every day sounds like a campfire, hairdryer, machines, traffic. If you're a music lover, you can also select instruments like piano, violin, and saxophone.

Even when sleep is at its best, a sudden wake up can ruin it all for you. With snoring apps, it comes with alarm clocks that observe your sleeping pattern and only wake you once you reach light sleep. It works around 30 minutes before your preferred time and acts gently and lightly with snoozing. The snoozing shortens its duration to bring you from rest to awake in an unstressful manner.

Snoring apps and sleep trackers on your phone can acquire better accuracy if you link them with some wearables. Most wearables track movements, heart rates, and vibrating alarms. If you are someone interested in these functions, an app that is compatible with accessories like this will be amazing.



You can operate snoring apps through your smartphone, so the area where you place your phone is significant. Most apps advise that the phone must be placed in a near bedside table or beside your pillow towards your side. This matter is crucial because you need to match how the app is designed. Whatever the specific app suggests, the best option is to follow them thoroughly.


As much as you would like to depend on snoring apps, they can only do so much. When you acquire an app, make sure that you do a thorough run-through of all its available features. Most come with a personalisation area, so make sure that you feed it with the proper information and choose the options which would be the best fit for your sleeping patterns.


There is no denying that snoring apps can help you track things, but they also have their limitations. There still are various practices and remedies that you can try to help decrease the possibility of snoring. Lifestyle changes like losing weight, quitting smoking, reducing caffeine and alcohol consumption, exercising, and staying hydrated can go a long way. You should also make it a habit to consult with your doctor if you feel something amiss so you both can decide on the best course of treatment.


As snoring apps are dependent on your smartphone, you should make sure that it will be in perfect condition. The smartphone must be fully charged, and its software is up-to-date. Because you will be recording throughout the night, you should also make sure that you have enough phone storage that can handle large chunks of audio. Make sure that your smartphone has a working microphone so that it can correctly absorb sound.

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